Ranka Group

One of Bangalore oldest and most prolific companies








A Legacy of Trust

Lasting Values that create Valued Relationships

The Ranka Group’s success in every field of its activity rests on a loyal and satisfied customer base that has grown with every passing year. Today, more than 2000 families in Bangalore live in a Ranka home. Clear titles, prime locations and superior build quality have ensured optimum appreciation of all Ranka properties and created a legacy of trust for the Group. It is this legacy that the Group takes pride in because while it builds offices and homes, the primary focus has always been on building lasting relationships for a lifetime.

The Group partners with customers, understand their needs and strives to make their buying experience warm and fulfilling. People centricity is at the very core of the Group’s business philosophy and extends even beyond customers to every stakeholder in the businesses it conducts. Employees, vendors, associates, partners, shareholders and peers have all benefitted from the value that the Group has created. As a result, the Group has grown. Stakeholders have flourished and their continuing associations and loyalties have become the Ranka Group’s biggest achievement - a fitting tribute to its legacy of trust.